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  • Zofia Adamowicz (Warsaw): Various Consistency Statements and Their Behavior in Weak
  • Jacques Duparc (Lausanne): Tutorial : On Mu-Calculus and Tree Automata.
  • Leszek Kolodziejczyk (Warsaw): joint work with Emil Jerabek, Recursive Saturation of the Real Closure as a Tennenbaum-like Property.
  • Shahram Mohsenipour (Tehran): On a Recursive Nonstandard Model of Exponential Open Induction.
  • Damian Niwinski (Warsaw): Joint work with Andre Arnold, Szczepan Hummel, and
    Henryk Michalewski, On Separation Question for Tree Languages.
  • Pavel Pudlak (Pragues): On Models of T^0_2.
  • Konrad Zdanowski (Warsaw): joint work with Lorenzo Carlucci. The strength of Ramsey theorem for coloring Omega-large sets.